Bromine vs. Chlorine

Which Sanitizer is Right For You?

The two most popular sanitizers are chlorine or bromine.  Both are extremely effective bactericides and can be used with an ozonator or mineral systems that act to reduce the bromine or chlorine use significantly.  We feel bromine is the better alternative for hot water environments but chlorine is always an option. Here is a quick tutorial:


Active Disinfectant
Hypobromous Acid
Hypochlorous Acid
When combined with  organics (bacteria)
Effectiveness When Combined w/Organics
Bromamines are still effective bactericides
Chloramines are poor bactericides (only 5% of activity left)
Effect From Shocking
Regenerates bromamines back to bromine
Breaks up chloramines but only boosts chlorine level if shocking with chlorine
Dissolution Rate
Bromine dissolves quite slowly with less gassing
Chlorine dissolves very quickly in hot water which can result in release of chlorine gas
Effect from pH changes
Bromine has no significant pH dependence in the range 7-8 pH
Chlorine is strongly pH dependent and is only 22% effective at a pH of 8
Eye Irritation
Bromine produces a significant reduction in eye irritation
The formation of Chloramines is known to result in eye irritation
Bromine has noticeably less odor than water treated with Chlorine

Chloramines from heavy bather load or improper maintenance have a strong odor